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Baedeker Guides
Contributed by Joanne

Baedeker travel guides, with their distinctive red covers with gold titles, although having been published since the 1800s are what is to be considered 'modern' guidebooks. (Interestingly, Baedeker guides published up until 1856, were not the now famous 'red', but a tan colour). At this time, travel literature or personal accounts were by no means a new thing, with some dating back to the 2nd century CE, but how did these famous travel guidebooks come about and how did they differ from previous works?

Karl (Ludwig Johannes) Baedeker (1801-1859) came from a family of booksellers, printers and publishers, so had a background in the business. From 1823-1825, he worked in Berlin at the booksellers Georg Andreas Reimer and then spent some time in Essen (where he was born), working for his father...


Kark Baedeker

A Sample of New Stock

Italian Cities by Hibbert, Christopher. Pirelli World Rallying 12 by Holmes, Martin. Firelight Tales by Nesbit, Z.A.R. Misfire by Hallahan, William H.
Italian Cities Pirelli Worlld Rallying 12 Firelight Tales Misfire
Price: £40 Price: £22 Price: £24 Price: £25
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The Cloak by Leon Garfield
Contributed by Lorna

The story, which starts in London on a snowy New Year's Day, is about two friends who are apprentices to pawnbrokers. Amos Coot, a sixteen year old in the fourth year of his apprenticeship, works for Mr. Thompson – Personal Banking on Moderate Terms. Jeremiah Snipe is apprentice to Mr Long – Loans arranged for Modest Security.

The two friends have been left in charge of their respective shops by their employers who have gone away to the country for the festive period. Both apprentices have been trained by ruthless employers. In Mr Thompson's words ' A pawner is a man in difficulties and a man in difficulties is a man in despair. Despair makes a man untrustworthy, it turns him into a liar, a swindler, a cheat'. He maintains that they always tell you they will return to redeem their item - that it is only a loan they are having. 'But like tomorrow, they never come' he adds 'So you watch out!'


Leon Garfield

Selection from our Special Book Room

Fishing With The Famous by Buteaux, Bob & Clifford, Kevin. The Boo-Boos At School by Attwell, Mabel Lucie Redheads At The Chalet School by Brent-Dyer, Elinor M. The History Of Wales by Caradoc Of Lhancarvan, & Powell, Dr. & Wynne, W. & Price, John.
Fishing With The Famous The Boo-Boos At School Redheads At The Chalet School The History Of Wales
1st. 2003. Limited Edition to 600 copies. SIGNED by illustrator, this is copy no. 556.
Price: £100
Circa. 1930. Pictorial onlay to front cover. 8 colour plates, green line drawings.
Price: £185
1st. 1964. SIGNED by author with inscription to front endpaper.
Price: £240
1774. Written originally in British by Caradoc of Lhancarvan, Englished by Dr. Powell, and Augmented by W. Wynne.
Price: £150

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