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If you have an irrational fear of spiders/tarantulas, you may want to look away now! You have been warned...

However, I happily admit to being an arachnophobe and I am quite happy as such, as my colleagues will testify after hearing my blood-curdling screams when a money spider is seen running across the desk! No amount of cajoling will get me to change my fear of spiders or even attempt to overcome it.

The strange thing is - and this my colleagues cannot understand - I just love tarantulas!

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A Sample of New Stock

The Secret Of The Hidden Pool by Saville, MalcolmRubaiyat Of Omar Khayyam by Fitzgerald, Edward & Nicholson, R.A.Black Swan A History Of 103 Squadron by Finn, SidRainbow Coloured The Story Of Donald Campbell's K7 Hydroplane by Blois, Frederick R.
The Secret Of The Hidden PoolRubaiyat Of Omar KhayyamBlack Swan A History Of 103 SquadronRainbow Coloured The Story Of Donald Campbell's K7 Hydroplane
Price: £30.00Price: £35.00Price: £85.00Price: £35.00
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Featured Book - Josephine Goes Travelling
Contributed by Catriona

Let me introduce you to Josephine who is 8 years old and is an only child. She is never lonely as she has a large family of dolls - 16 in all, of all shapes and sizes. Most of them have bits missing but Josephine loves them all and together they have great adventures.

The books are written by Mrs H.C. Cradock and beautifully illustrated by Honor C. Appleton. The first title (Josephine and her Dolls) appeared in 1915 and this title, the last in the series, in 1940.


Josephine Goes Travelling

Selection from our Special Book Room

The Fairy Book by Craik, Mrs. DinahThe Spiders Of Great Britain And Ireland (3 Vols) by Roberts, Michael J. The Little Grey Men by BB BMC Competitions Department Secrets by Chambers, Marcus & Turner, Stuart & Browning, Peter
The Fairy BookThe Spiders Of Great Britain And Ireland (3 Vols)The Little Grey MenBmc Competitions Department Secrets
The best popular fairy stories selected and rendered anew by the author of John Halifax, Gentleman. Originally published in 1863, this is the first edition with Warwick Goble from 1913 with 32 colour plates.
Price: £520
Volume 1: Atypidae-Theridiosomatidae, Volume 2: Linyphiidae, Volume 3: colour plates.
Price: £220
1st. 1942. B/w scraperboard illustrations. The true first edition, as this book was later published with colour plates.
Price: £280
Veloce Publishing Plc.. 1st. 2005. B/w photos. 
Price: £140

Recent additions:
Transport books including many on cars & railways.
Childrens books including Malcolm Saville, Boy's and Girl's Stories, Biggles and many more.

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Chepstow Castle

This month's photo is of Chepstow Castle.

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