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Followers of Rupert 2014

The Bard slept soundly in his grave
But saw in dream a friendly wave

What can that be that comes this way
He says to wife Anne Hathaway

Legs cross gartered yelleeow
That must be Malvolio

The Bard was wrong despite his stare
Whom did he see – twas Rupert Bear.

Warwick Castle glowers down
On to its charming little town

It's menace lifts when it does hear
Rupert and Friends are drawing near

The stony keep all sad and cold
Sees all the Followers, young and old

And just once a year within it's rule
Sees jolly friends at Warwick School.

The Avon glides slow on its way
It counts its Swans each and every day

When August comes its sums are wrong
There's one more Swan that's come along

Warwick's coat of arms boasts bears
But look at what the centre wears

It's cross of red with yellow shield
Greets Rupert just across the field

Look at the coat of arms – what's missin'
Could it be a tubby Griffin

If Avon's source was Yorkshire dell
Then by a Beck could Rupert dwell

And in its stream in calm repose
Could Rupert gently dip his Toze

But to its end this verse must hurry
And you've guessed this time its Murray

Who we thank, with all the rest
Who made this meet the very best

Contributed by Cliff


(Published 20th Apr 2016)

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