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We can inform you when a particular book comes into stock, or send you regular lists of books which may interest you - by category, author, illustrator or publisher. 

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Some examples of what is possible:-

Example 1  - Combining Subjects.

You may be interested in ornithology books of Australia - we can now combine our subjects of ORNITHOLOGY and AUSTRALIA.

Example 2 - Excluding Subjects

You maybe interested in Cat books but NOT those aimed at children therefore we can add the subject of CATS but exclude the subject CHILDRENS.

Example 3 - Non children's books of an author

You maybe interested in the adult works of Richmal Crompton, i.e. NOT the Just William and Jimmy books: we can do this by adding the author Richmal Crompton and excluding the subject CHILDRENS.

Example 4 - Book interest

You may be interested in any copy of Wind in the Willows NOT illustrated by E.H. Shepard - again this is possible.

Example 5 - Price

If you are looking for book in a specific price range, then we can now add a maximum or minimum price for your book interest

Example 6 - Books with wrappers and condition

If you only want books with dustwrappers, or require books and dustwrappers in a specific condition, we can accommodate this. For example, only fine copies with dustwrapper.

Example 7 - Published date

You could specify a published date range eg. before 1930, after 1940, between 1900 - 1920 etc.

Example 8 - Signed

If you only wish to have books that are signed by the author we can match this requirement

Example 9 - Book Series

If you a looking for a particular series of books for example the Centenary edition of Enid Blyton Famous Five, then we can add "Centenary Edition" to your recorded interests of author Enid Blyton, & subject Famous Five.

Example 10 - Descriptions

Maybe you are looking for any reference to a particular place, for example, you may be looking for a picture of Tintern Abbey: we can add this as a requirement and it will match any books where we have added that information to the book description.

Other Options - Frequency and Notification method

On every interest we have recorded for you, you can decide how often we notify you of matches. You can choose to be notified within hours of a recent addition,or be notified of all matching books on a time interval which suits you best, from 1 day to 365 days.

We recommend that the contact method is email, but we can contact you by telephone or regular mail (UK only).