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Comforting Thoughts & For Today by Mabel Lucie Attwell

I will admit that Mabel Lucie Attwell is my favourite illustrator of children's books. So, it is only natural that I feature another of her books for my 'featured book' article (previously I selected Bunty and the Boo-Boos). There are a couple of little books which we have in stock at the moment that are illustrated by Mabel Lucie Attwell and are in Valentine & Sons “Golden Thoughts” Booklets series. I am sure that these little books get 'lost' among the larger books in our cabinets. They are such delicate little things that we have to put them out of the way of sticky fingers, behind locked glass doors.

"Comforting Thoughts" contains the cutest colour illustrations featuring Attwell's delightful chubby children which accompany the most comforting little verses (written by Attwell) which I can only imagine are meant to (and indeed do) cheer up the depressed soul. For example:

Smiling even thro' the tears
Comforting the sorrow
If things are not nice to-day
They'll be nice to-morrow!

"For Today" again contains verses by Attwell accompanied by her endearing illustrations of little chubby children. The verses in this little book are more general but again seem to be for the cheering up of those who may be feeling a little down. I like this one:

I likes being happy
So I wish myself “Healf”
Then I has a Good Larf”
An' I “Huggles” myself!

If you know anybody that needs a little bit of cheering up and comforting then these little books would make ideal presents! Published around the 1940s these are quite scarce little things and being illustrated by one of the most popular children's book illustrators of the time their value is only going to go up!

Contributed by Maria

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