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Gimlet Books by Capt. W.E. Johns

There are 10 books in the Gimlet series although he also makes an appearance in two other W.E. Johns books which are Biggles Follows On and Comrades in Arms. As many of the titles suggest, Gimlet is the King of the Commandos and has many similar adventures to Biggles but normally land/sea based as apposed to air.

The 1st Gimlet book King of the Commandos was published in 1943 during the war paper shortage, so the 1st edition of this title with its wrapper is the hardest to find and therefore most expensive of the series. The last book in the series was Gimlet Takes a Job, 1st published in 1954.

In this Gimlet index you will find the images of early or 1st editions Gimlet books. You will be able to find current stock of each title by clicking on the link under the image.