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Space Series by Capt. W.E. Johns

This is a collection of 10 books where W.E. Johns tries his hand at Science Fiction novels. The main characters in the books are Group Captain Timothy (nicknamed 'Tiger') Clinton R.A.F. (retired) and his son, Rex Clinton and Professor Lucius Brane. They go off adventuring - initially around our Solar System, but as the books progress they go further and further afield meeting up will all sorts of alien life forms and visiting many planets.

In this index you will find the images of the Space Series (Science Fiction) books by Captain W.E. Johns (mainly of the dust wrappers). All the books were original published by Hodder and Stoughton but 5 stories were also published by Children's Book Club, sometimes with their own version of the wrappers. A few titles were also issued in paperback form.

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