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The Enid Blyton Handkerchief Book

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Many of us are familiar with Enid Blyton's childrens novels and their characters, for example: Famous Five, Malory Towers, Noddy, Secret Seven.

Perusing our rare books shelves, I came across an obscure spiral-bound title: The Enid Blyton Handkerchief Book. This piqued my curiousity as it is a title I have never come across elsewhere during my many years of working as a bookseller.

Do you remember the small cotton handkerchiefs we had as a child pre-1980s? This is a book full of such handkerchiefs! Oh and before you say 'bleurgh', they are clean! The handkerchiefs are stuck to each page with an overlaying clear film sheet on which text is printed. The text provides a description or short story about each character.

The six characters featured include Saucepan Man; Mr. Pink-Whistle; Josie, Click and Bun; Dame Wash-a-Lot; Brer Rabbit; and Silky the Pixie.

I did a little research on Google (widely held to be the fount of all knowledge) and found nothing, absolutely nothing!  So if you find any information about this book, do let us know! Google does however inform me that similar handkerchiefs for children are still produced today...

Contributed by Sonia

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