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The books published by the Folio Society include just about every subject imaginable. They are beautifully covered and bound exceptionally well. The Folio Society was founded in 1947 and has been publishing carefully crafted editions for over 70 years.

Much thought, care and attention is taken in designing the books so that each one is a unique entity. Features of the books include:

  • Decorative head and tail bands and gilded or coloured top edges where appropriate.
  • Bindings which are all sewn in 16-page sections to the highest standard so that they not only look good on the shelf but are also easy to read.
  • The slipcase which is a distinctive feature of Folio Society books and is also the traditional protective covering keeping the books in pristine condition.

The main design feature is the cover of the book. Different mediums are used such as silk which combined with lavish illustrations make a beautiful binding. The variety of designs of the books and covers is virtually innumerable.

The slipcases can be one block of plain colour which may be matt, metallic or marbled. They can have paintings, photographs or abstract designs in many different colourways and textures. The editions are also not restricted to one volume as there can be multiple volumes contained in one slipcase. The slipcase often reflects or complements the cover of the book, so makes a distinctive whole which, I think, is part of the appeal.

The books themselves contain illustrations, drawings or photographs which again complement the subject matter and the style of the book. The Surinam Album is one such stunning example. Many up and coming artists and illustrators have contributed to the Folio editions.

There is a diverse collection of Folio editions in Stella & Rose’s Books, covering just about any subject you can think of. At time of writing we have in stock examples of Literature, History, Humour, Children's, Food, Religion to name a few, with authors ranging from Douglas Adams (Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy) to Lun Yu (Confucius the Analects).

It has been said by Stephen Fry that “A Folio Society edition is, I reckon, as excellent an accolade as any author can achieve these days”

Contributed by Bernice

(Published 26th Feb 2020)

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