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Once the Christmas festivities are over and winter is well into its stride, it is a consolation to know that the days are getting longer.

Each day there is an evergrowing glimmer of daylight, a hint to the changing of the seasons. The postie arrives at 5pm every day to pick up our parcels - and this too has gone from dark to light.

The next portent of Spring are the snowdrops, only a few at first, seemingly huddling together for warmth, their delicate heads nodding in the wind. Surely too cold for them to survive? But survive they do, and soon the verges and the forest floor are wearing a mantle of white.

The snowdrops are followed by crocuses and then by daffodils “fluttering and dancing in the breeze”.

Next come the tulips, and February turns to March in the calendar, and then we see the last of the daffodils.

The birds are starting to be more active, nest building, finding a mate, fighting over territory, their singing a musical delight in the morning. The cuckoo's song is supposed to be the start of Spring. The Robin that has stayed the whole winter through starts building his nest and soon in the garden he is joined by Wagtails, Bullfinches, Blackbirds, Dunnocks, Wrens, and more too numerous to mention.

The trees are beginning to wear their green coats and soon the birds will be invisible amid the leaves.

In the Forest and Wye valley we have carpets of bluebells as April turns to May and the verges are full of Wild Garlic.

So I have talked of flowers and birds but nothing says Spring more than lambs gambolling in fields, running and jumping with just the sheer joy of life it would seem.


Contributed by Theresa

(Published 27th Feb 2018)

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