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by Andrew Lang

Illustrated by H.J. Ford

Published by Longmans, Green & Co.. 1st. 1896

Almost very good condition. Blue cloth with gilt titles and illustrations. Black endpapers. B/w illustrations throughout. 400 pages. All edges gilt.

Spine and corners bumped and rubbed. Some fading to spine and some slight wrinkling of cloth to rear cover. Foxing throughout. Tissue-guard to frontis is browned.

Stock no. 1326344

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  • 'Tom'; an adventure in the Life of a Bear in Paris
  • Sai the panther
  • The Buzzard and the Priest
  • Cowper and his Hares
  • A Rat Tale
  • Snake Stories
  • What Elephants Can do
  • The Dog of Montargis
  • How a Beaver Builds his House
  • The War Horse of Alexander
  • Stories about Bears
  • Stories about Ants
  • The Taming of an Otter
  • The Story of Androcles and the Lion
  • Monsieur Dumas and his Beasts
  • The Adventures of Pyramus
  • The Story of a Weasel
  • Stories about Wolves
  • Two Highland Dogs
  • Monkey Tricks and Sally at the Zoo
  • How the Cayman was Killed
  • The Story of Fido
  • Beasts Besieged
  • Mr. Gully
  • Stories from Pliny
  • The Strange History of Cagnotte
  • Still Waters run deep or the Dancing Dog
  • Theo and his Horses; Jane, Betsy and Blance
  • Madame Theophile and the Parrot
  • The Battle of the Mullets and the Dolphins
  • Monkey Stories
  • Eccentric Bird Builders
  • The Ship of the Desert
  • Home, home, home where I fain wad be
  • Nests for DInner
  • Fire-eating Djijam
  • The Story of the Dog Oscar
  • Dolphins at Play
  • The Starling of Segringen
  • Grateful Dogs
  • Gazelle
  • Cockatoo Stories
  • The Otter who was reared by a cat
  • Stories about Lions
  • Builders and Weavers
  • More Faithful than Favoured
  • Dolphinsm Turtles and Cod
  • More about Elephants
  • Bungey
  • Lions and their Ways
  • The History of Jacko L
  • Signorina and Lori
  • Of the Linnet, Popinjay or Parrot and other Birds that can speak
  • Patch and the Chickens
  • The Fierce Falcon
  • Mr. Bolt the Scotch Terrier
  • A Raven's Funeral
  • A Strange Tiger
  • Halcyons and their Biographers
  • The Story of a Frog
  • The Woodpecker Tapping on the Hollow Oak Tree
  • Dogs over the water
  • The Capocier and his Mate
  • Owls and Marmots
  • Eagles' Nests

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