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Written by Lorna Hill
Illustrated by Esme Verity
Published by Thomas Nelson and Sons Ltd. in 1954

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Front cover

Cover of DANCING PEEL by Lorna Hill


  • The Dancy family lived in an old border fortress, called a peel tower, in the romantic county of Northumberland. Mr. Dancy had been of French descent - descent indeed from that Count d'Ancy who was assistant Maitre de ballet to King Louis the Fourteenth. With such a name and with such a background, was it any wonder that the Dancy children, Annette and Maximilian, thought of one thing only - dancing? The old peel tower, once the centre of many a clan fight , now echoed to the tap-tap of point shoes as Annette practised her ballet.
  • But it isn't easy to be a dancer - not even an ordinary member of the corps de ballet, let alone a Renee Jeanmaire, which was Annette's ambition - and she had many obstacles to surmount before she got her foot on the bottom rung of the ladder of success. In fact, it if had not been for Angus - but you will read all about Angus in the story.