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Rupert Adventure Series

There were 50 titles published in the Rupert Adventure series, starting in September 1948 and ending in June 1963. All were pictorial cardwrap booklets, with all but three featuring two Rupert stories, with differing puzzles.

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Rupert Annuals

Rupert Bear annuals are probably some of the most avidly collected today. First published in an annual in 1936, Rupert has been published every year since, in varying formats.


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Monster Rupert

A collection of 7 books featuring the popular Rupert Bear.

The 1950 edition originally had 200 cut-outs but was later reprinted with just 120 cut-outs.



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Rupert Little Bear Library

There were 46 titles in the original Rupert Little Bear Library series published between 1928 and 1936 by Sampson Low, Marston and Co.

These distinctive books had yellow boards which were illustrated with black pictures and titles. The books were undated and pages were not numbered.View Series

Rupert Little Bear Library (Woolworth)

This series of Rupert Little Bear Library books was available only at Woolworth stores, published between 1973 - 1975.

The series is basically reprints of the pre-war series, although the covers are illustrated yellow laminate boards.View Series


Rupert Bear

A character almost everyone is familiar with is Rupert Bear. Rupert is immensely collectable today and in particular the early annuals are very sought after. Although the first Rupert annual was published in 1936, Rupert Bear was actually created 16 years previously in 1920. 


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Official Statement On The 'New' Rupert From The Followers Of Rupert

The Followers of Rupert are pleased to learn that the Express has concluded a deal that will ensure Rupert will continue to be enjoyed by 21st century children.



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Rupert's New Home

A lot has happened in the life of Rupert Bear since he was purchased from the Daily Express in 2005 by the family entertainment business, Entertainment Rights, for six million pounds. As well as a new home, Rupert has acquired a new look, new chums and a TV programme all of his own.

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Followers Of Rupert Bear - Annual Meeting 2005

Great excitement in Nutwood! The 22nd annual meeting of the Followers of Rupert Bear took place Saturday August 27th.View Article

Followers of Rupert Bear - Annual Meeting 2006

Great excitement in Nutwood! Saturday August 26th 2006 was the date of the 23rd annual meeting of the Followers of Rupert Bear.View Article

Followers Of Rupert Bear - Annual Meeting 2007

A host of Nutwood characters greeted the hundreds of Rupert Followers who gathered in Warwick for their 24th annual meeting on 4th August 2007 to enjoy the day's events.




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Followers Of Rupert Bear - Annual Meeting 2008

The 25th Annual Meeting of the Followers of Rupert held on August 23rd was the highlight of 2008 for the hundreds of Rupert Bear fans who gathered in Warwick to celebrate this special event. View Article

Followers Of Rupert Bear - Annual Meeting 2009

A great day to be had by all!

To give you a taster here are some more pictures from the Followers of Rupert Annual General Meeting 2009.View Article

A Tale Of A Bear And Squirrel

It was that time of year again... the last Saturday of August (Bank Holiday weekend) and The Followers of Rupert AGM. Every year, Stella & Rose's Books make a pilgrimage to Warwick with all our Rupert stock in tow. This year was no exception.


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Followers Of Rupert bEAR - aNNUAL mEETING 2010

What a fun day we had, made even more exciting by the presence of a team from BBC television who were filming events and interviews for inclusion in a programme to help celebrate Rupert's 90th birthday!View Article

Followers Of Rupert Bear - Anuual Meeting 2011

Why's Rupert Bear at Warwick School? He's never there as a rule Once a year it's that day When all his Followers come to play 200 friends from far and wide Are there to be at Rupert's side.View Article

Followers Of Rupert Bear - Annual Meeting 2012

The Followers of Rupert Weekend 24th & 25th August 2012

The ‘Rupert Fair’ has become a pleasurable annual event for Stella & Rose’s Books.View Article

Followers Of Rupert Bear - Annual Meeting 2014

The Bard slept soundly in his grave
But saw in dream a friendly wave

What can that be that comes this way
He says to wife Anne HathawayView Article


The Adventures Of Rupert The Little Lost Bear

Who has not heard of Rupert Bear? Resplendent in red jersey and bright yellow check trousers, Rupert is as popular today as he ever was.


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Rupert Annual 1946

Published by the Daily Express the year after World War 2 ended, paper was still in short supply so War Economy Standard was still in use and the annual was produced with soft covers.



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