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Written by Anthony Buckeridge
Illustrated by Mays
Published by Collins in 1960

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Front cover

Cover of THE TROUBLE WITH JENNINGS by Anthony Buckeridge


  • According to Mr. Wilkins, the trouble with Jennings was due to the fantastic way in which his mind appeared to work. Mr. Carter took a more tolerant view, but even so, his contention that the boy meant well was sorely tried by the events of the Easter term.
  • There was for example, the home-made Snorkel which caused a flood, with disastrous results to the music room ceiling: there was a mix-up over a birthday present which threatened to shatter the lasting friendship between Jennings and Darbishire. There was Jennings' good resolution to be kind and helpful to the elderly - an intention viewed with such suspicion in certain quarters that the project nearly foundered before it got into its stride.
  • But this is not the whole story! For one of the troubles with Jennings is that even the simplest matters become complicated whenever he takes command.