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What a pleasure it is to work here at Stella & Rose's Books and in such beautiful surroundings. I can look out of the window and see the tallest part of the ruins of Tintern Abbey with the magnificent backdrop of trees and cliffs. I can watch the River Wye flow, ripple, rise and fall with the tide, which is the second highest in the world. I have seen otter, little egret, ducks, geese and swans. Swallows dipping skilfully to drink. I have even seen a seal coming in to hunt on the highest tides. I can see the clouds drifting or hurrying and the changing colours of the seasons. Unavoidably I can also hear and see the low flying training flights of the helicopter pilots alarming the birds making them rise all along its winding path following the river's course.

It's a good thing I've worked here for a while as all the above are seen in snatches between my daily working duties, which are pleasantly varied, including greeting and chatting to customers from far and near.

It is very satisfying when a customer asks for a particular book or subject and we have just the copy they have been searching for or they discover new titles in their specialist area of interest.

Our books cover a wide range of topics. We have extensive collections of subjects such as Children’s books, Transport, Science & Technology, History, Natural History, Military, Folio SocietyArtArchitecture and Maths. Although based in a small village we send our books to customers all around the globe. A couple of particularly memorable books were a book about tying knots which we sent to a prison (hopefully the purchaser didn’t use it to escape!) and a volume of ‘The Birds of Vanuatu’ to … Vanuatu - a South Pacific Ocean nation made up of roughly 80 islands.

As I go around the shop putting newly purchased stock on the shelves, my eyes suddenly pick out a book and I am immediately transported back in time to my childhood days. Perhaps a holiday at the seaside or sitting by the fire every Christmas Eve with that special book, ‘The Night Before Christmas’, my brother and I listening to our parents telling the story. Later it was our turn to read out loud to them and later still I read it to my own children. This book was written by Clement Clarke Moore and has been published in many formats including a pop-up book. It has also been brought to life by famous illustrators such as Arthur Rackham and Michael Foreman.

I also have happy memories reading and exploring the world through books. Even now it is exciting to find a book that interests me, enticing me to new places or enabling me to learn new skills. One such was ‘Waterlog A Swimmer's Journey Through Britain’ by Roger Deakin.

I feel very fortunate to work in such a lovely and interesting environment, not to mention working happily with my colleagues and, of course, meeting and corresponding with the book-loving people who become our customers.

Contributed by Rosemary

(Published 30th Oct 2019)

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