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The World's Leading Grand Prix Annual

The Autocourse series has provided a definitive record of the racing season since 1951 (first produced in an annual format in 1959). The series provides the most complete information available, presented with entertaining articles and analysis. In addition to the wealth of information, the annuals include stunning images from the world's top motor-sport photographers.

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The World's Leading Grand Prix & Superbike Annual.

Motocourse annuals are more than just pretty picture books, with detailed reports of races and background news that make them a well-respected reference work. 

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Haynes Publishing - A Very Brief History

For many car drivers or repair enthusiasts, possibly the first 'Haynes' book we own will be the repair manual for our first car. I know that this was true for me, although I think that possibly it was used by my father more for repairs and trouble shooting, than by me!View Article

Cowley: A Century Of Car Manufacture

March 2013 marked the 100th anniversary of car production at the Cowley motor plant in Oxford.

Founded on the site of the former Oxford Military College, production commenced on March 28th, 1913 when a Bullnose Morris Oxford rolled off the production line. View Article

For The Love Of A Land Rover

The ongoing saga of my husband's new (an extremely loose term, you will discover as you read on!) Land Rover has been a source of much speculation, disappointment, hilarity (although this may more aptly have been described as hysteria) and misery for all concerned.View Article

One Man's Car History

Jane’s recent article on her better half’s passion for a well used Land Rover led me to think back over the many cars that have passed through my hands over more years than I care to admit.
It all started when my indulgent parents agreed to help my older brother purchase a rather stately two-tone grey Austin Cambridge, on the proviso that his rather battered and unreliable Ford Anglia became my first vehicle, ah the freedom! View Article

Alfa Romeo Day

My husband Steve (who is a bit of a petrol head) is currently restoring an Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint GT. He is a member of the Alfa Romeo Owners Club and each year the club have a National Alfa Day. This year we went along...View Article

To Italy With Giulia

Those of you interested in Classic Cars may remember the article I wrote in August 2009 about the Alfa Romeo Day in Ripon, North Yorkshire that I attended with my husband Steve. View Article

Jeep - Faithful As A Dog, Strong As A Mule, Agile As A Goat

In 1946 my family bought their first jeep – a Willys with a civilian registration DJY 201. 70 years later I still own and drive that jeep.View Article

Easy Rider: The Fascinating History Of Harley Davidson Motorcycles

"Four wheels move the body. Two wheels move the soul." – Author unknown

It's a warm summer day, the air is filled with the smell of tarmac and freshly cut grass: a low rumble in the distance grows louder as a vehicle approaches. There is no mistaking that distinctive exhaust note - it's a Harley Davidson. View Article


Autocourse - The World's Leading Grand Prix Annual

The Formula 1 season of 1994-95 may be remembered for any one of several reasons: the first world championship of Michael Schumacher, controversies surrounding 'technical irregularities', Jos Verstappen surviving a pit-lane inferno at Hockenheim, or the determination of Damon Hill to counter the seemingly unstoppable charge of Schumacher and the Benneton racing team. But it was the events of the weekend of April 30th / May 1st that was to dominate one of the most dramatic racing seasons for years.View Featured Book

Bentley Factory Cars 1919 - 1931 By Michael Hay

Bentley cars, despite being a subsidiary of Volkswagen, are still British made and are today based in Crewe, England. The Bentley, largely hand built, is a 'British luxury automobile icon' according to Wikipedia.

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Rich Mixture - A Motorcycle Miscellany by Phil Irving

Philip Edward Irving OBE, C.Eng., M.I.Mech.E., M.S.A.E., born in 1903, was an Australian engineer and author, most famous for the Repco-Brabham Formula One and Vincent motorcycle engines. He also authored the books 'Tuning For Speed' and 'Motorcycle Technicalities' as well as writing a column in Motor Cycling magazine under the pseudonym 'Slide Rule' .


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The Rescue And Rebirth Of A Lea-Francis 14HP Sports Car

Revised & Updated Edition 2015

Limited edition of 100, A5 Perfect Bound, 112 page booklet.

This second edition has been updated and re-printed with a print run of 100. 


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The John Cobb Story by S.C.H. Davis

"The world land speed record requires the minimum of skill and the maximum of courage". Tommy Wisdom

I drive a 1990 1.4 litre Renault 5 Campus that is my pride and joy, (in addition to being something of a running joke with my colleagues), and answers to the appropriately continental name of 'Claude'. Claude and I have had many adventures together but there are a couple of trips that I long to take in him before we are both too old!

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The Vintage Alvis By Peter Hull and Norman Johnson

The Vintage Alvis, first published by Macdonald & Co (Publishers) Ltd in 1967, is a mouth-wateringly detailed account of the history of the famous Alvis Car Company during the 1920s and up to 1932.

Although the name Alvis may not be as well known today as Bugatti, Mercedes or Ferrari, the company produced one of the most popular sports cars of all time - the '12/50'. Alvis also developed a number of original concepts and technically advanced supercharged Grand Prix cars, and incorporated all-independent suspension to their sports cars as early as 1928.View Featured Book

Half-safe by Ben Carlin

As some of our long-term readers may know, one of the founders of Stella Books – Cliff – was the proud owner of a 1942 Willys Jeep. The Jeep had been in his family since being purchased just after the war as ‘army surplus’. It was used around the family farm and was the first vehicle Cliff drove – learning to drive it around the farm as a young boy. Around 20 years ago Cliff and I restored the Jeep back to its original glory. Cliff used to love driving it around Tintern and had it shipped over to Portugal when he and Chris lived there. View Featured Book